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Below is a graphic displaying the different phases of the Jubilee Colony deveolpment program. It obviously begins after a great deal of praying, discussion in meetings, planing and a great deal of organizing. There are a great deal more activites that are to be prayed for,determined and planned even as these plans begin to commence.

The display is only to communicate a rough idea how we want to go about establishing the community development project. Hence, herewith the Graphic:

Jubilee Colony Development at a Glance



We believe in the Most High God. His name is YHWH, written in many different ways. YHVH, YaHWeH, and a very English form, Jehovah. God gave His Son, Who was in the begginng with God, and was God Himself, known as the Word. The Son is commonly known as Jesus Christ, but His name is Yeshua or Yehoshua, which means, Yah is Savior. When Yeshua was crucified, He was also raised from the dead to be seated at the right hand side of God, our Father. The Holy Spirit was sent forth from both the Father and Son to convict the world of sin, righteousness and judgment. The Holy Spirit receives what is seen and heard of the Father, and in integrity and fidelity, delives it to us accurately and precisely, neither adding to, nor taking away from. The holy Spirit leads, guides and directs us into all truth, even helping us to pray.

We pray to the Father in the name of Yeshua for Jubilee Colony. Only as we pray, can we hear the plans of God for our community. It is through prayer, we are equipped to produce effectively. It is also through prayer, we can relate to one another more effectively. Learning that we are one another family, and friends, we take time to rest. In our rest times, our recreation times, we can play together. Hence, we are relate to one another holistically. Spiritually, emotionally and physically, or in Biblical terms, we take care of the entire person, spirit, soul and body. All too often we have compartmentalized our lives. On the holy celebration day, among some groups, people gather on a Sunday. In these gatheings there is great piety. But then Monday, it is work, and to 'fit in', too many people take on the nature of those around them cussing, and behaving poorly. Saturday, the golf or sports day, another mask is placed over the face, and the behior becomes rowdy and uncontrolled. Partying, eating and drinking to the excess. To rise on Sunday, and act all holy again. This pattern ought not to be.

Jubilee Colony is where we aim to be different.

Our mission is to honor God and one another, trusting God to assist us. In many places around the world, people have turned their countries into nanny states, looking to the goverment to take care of all our needs. The Most High God establishes a righteous goverment to protect His people. However, all too often, leaders ignore God's standards, and become lords and masters over God's people. They separate themselves as elitists, and all too often their leadership replaces a representation of the people served, to become as an oligarchy.

While we are thankful for leaders that God establishes, we don't want to be dependent upon the government, or anyone for that matter, for hand-outs. We want to get beyond the love of money, and begin to love another, recognising with the Most High God that we are each treauures of the Most High God and to one another.

Jubilee Colony

A Second Chance Community Honoring God and One Another


Jubilee is a call to joy and liberty, shown by doing justice and showing mercy or loving kindness to one another. More than the dollar, we are to inspire, encourage and empower each other. Within jubilee, there was release for individuals from past debts. The jubilee became important in God's Israel, for the economic life of the people, preventing the Israelis from oppressing one ane another. The jubilee insured more equality among the people, and hence, it went a long way to reducing classes of people. In countries were the Most High God had been forgotten, a caste system was established. The rich nobles ruled and exercised dominion over the poor peasants, the common people. God never created one man to exercise dominion over another. Jubilee gave everyone a chance to start over. Not only economically, but also socially. Hence, the Jubilee Colony is A Second Chance Community.


The jubilee concept was given to Moses by the Most High God, the Great JaHWeH, reminding us that God has our liberty and well being at heart. The Most High God enjoys the freedom of His people. He desires economic opportunities to be given to all. While He is an impartial God, He honors faith and hard work, creating us as His workmanship unto good works. Our Great JaHWeH, is more for a just society than a welfare society. Taxing the rich to give to the poor is legalized theft. His command to love Him and His people is always connected to His desire for the well being of all, of each and everyone. JaHWeH Jehoshua, commonly known within the scriptures as the Lord Jesus Christ is our Jubilee. It is within Him we find our joy, liberty and loving kindness towards one another.



A colony speaks of an area under the control of another country. We're a group of people living in a foreign place. Citizens of heaven, we are in the world, but not of the world. Subjects of the Kingdom of God, we accept His rule, protection and provision. It's not His nature to oppress and exploit, but to liberate and empower. We willingly subject ourselves to His rule, respecting the rights of one another. A theocratic republic. Not in a clergy/laity class structure of the elitists versus the common. Not a democracy. Democracy speaks of citizens, who are usually subject to the state, and hence, mere clients. Within a democracy, the people serve the state. The state rules. Within a republic, we have individual sovereignty, and hence, individual rights. We don't exist for the state. The state exists for 'we the people'. Within a democratic country, it is more often than not, mob rule, or rule by representatives, who have a way of setting themselves up as an oligarchy: Exclusive elitists exercising dominion over the stupid people. We serve the Most High God, our Father and JaHWeH Jehoshua. We're not another's masters. We're neighbors, friends or co-workers with one another. We were created equal.

A colony can be a place were people of like interests live. There are advantages for being exclusive, as well as disadvantages. The same can be said for being inclusive; there are advantages and disadvantages. It's not that we want to be religious separatists, completely isolated from the world. We are located within the world and its society, yet, we chose to have higher ideals.

Colonies in old times were farming settlements or trading outposts. Many people within the United States and within other countries around the world, are unemployed, and very often, if not homeless, they live in tin shanties or tent squatter camps. Mostly despised. Many unemployed, are well educated, but the corporate world, driven mostly by dollar profits, retrench their employees for better reports. Chief Executive Officers award themselves hundreds of millions of dollars, the very years they retrench their employees. Jubilee Colony seeks to put people to work, appreciating that a countries true treasure is its people. Exiting the world's money-worship, we accept a mind shift from a different heart attitude. It's about God and one another. We're care for and share with one another.


A Second Chance Community.

Sometimes its about different opportunities. People retire. Retirement brings changes, for the worse or for the better. Doing the things we'd like to do, or plain and simply, forced to accept a life we didn't bargain for. Not all things go as planned, even for the best of us. There are exclusive retirement villages around America. Very exclusive. Not really anything providing for work opportunities. Retirement funds, in the form of social securities, IRA's 401K's are not as secure as they once were. They go belly up, and so do many retirement villages.

Jubilee Colony, A Second Chance Community is to be a self sustaining community. Not just for the retirees. Retrenched workers, skilled and unskilled. Even for those who want out of the rat race. Self-determined down sizing. Wanting something different. A Second Chance for a different expression. To know and be known. To love and appreciate, and be loved and appreciated. True neighborliness. Highly educated, and poorly educated. The old, the young. Unemployment strikes at many. Some have failed economically and socially. Bad behavior is severely punished in America. A so-called Christian country, there is very little true forgiveness. I w ent to preach in the county and state prisons. Therein there was a strong resignation to hopelessness. Once a felon, and one loses nearly all ones rights, not just as a sovereign individual in the republic, but one loses the ordinary rights of a citizen, and sometimes is forced to become a client of the state; ever dependent. Imprisoned. Told when to wake, when to sit, walk and run. Prescribed times to eat, play and sleep. Constrained and restrained. Many lose the ability to be free.

Biblically, there were sanctuary cities. One could flee to these cities and start over. Freedom from fear of harassment. To a degree, state correctional facilities are sanctuary cities, not only protecting the general public from the bad behavior of the erring one, but also protecting the erring one from a vengeful community or family. Within the correctional facilities there are re-education programs, and one can leave the facility highly educated or skilled with a trade. However, within the facilities, there are very limited visiting rights. Social life is constrained, and can become perverted, criminalizing the nature, still further. From the correctional facilities, the offender is often released to half-way houses. Sheltered employment opportunities can be taken advantage of. All for a very limited pay.

Jubilee Colony is a sanctuary. There is re-education. Rehabilitation. Recovery. Reforming. Above these, restoration. Without a hope for restoration in the current system, one is stigmatized for all of one's life. Not within the Jubilee Colony. We're all equal. We're all given equal opportunities. Far from exploiting someone who has made a mistake, we determine to uplift, and equip. The strong among us reach out and support. All effort is rewarded.

One who has truly repented, determined to walk away from the wrongful behavior, and vigorously punish one's own disobedience, by exerting greater effort to do good, is accepted, loved and cherished. For some, the Rehabilitation Center might be a necessary step. Assistance programs to help kick the habit or the addiction. In domestic abuse, the offender, a man or a woman, is often treated as a non-entity. All the attention is given to the victim. Some victims play the system and never escape a victim mentality: It's because of him/her or them. "It's never me!" Yet, the offender often needs equal help. Coached into behaving differently. Turning the other cheek doesn't mean taking constant abuse. Turning the other cheek is about not retaliating,. Not being vengeful. Failure to communicate the violation of one's rights, communicates that the abuser's rights are superior. They are not. So someone who has made a mistake, doesn't cease being human. A fellow human being. Being, to live. Not living to be. Being to work. Not working to be. It's about honoring God and one another.



The essence of community is people. People are a countries greatest resource. The Second Chance Community, is about bringing people together. Praying, planing, producing and playing together. We're to make the most of life with what we have. Believing in the Most High God is essential. If one doesn't believe in God, then there are other places that would welcome them. For unbelievers to impose their will upon our community is an attempt to place their rights above our own. They're free to live wherever they want, but within the Jubilee Colony, we will collectively honor the Most High God, JaHWeh, our Father and Jehoshua, The Christ. Not denominational, nor non-denominational, but trans-denominational: By a cross, getting above and beyond our religious differences. We'll be exclusive and inclusive at the same time. Neither race nor profession is an issue. Its about being human. Having standards, but not rigidly intolerant. Yet, reserving the right to welcome and to turn away.

The essence of community begins with God. He created the first community structure. A family. A husband, a wife and their children. The first family were given access to all the earth, its resources, including the vegetation, the birds of the air, the animal of the lands and the fish of the sea. All was entrusted to their stewardship. As stewards we merely tend to that which belongs to the Most High God, being accountable to Him and one another. Unfortunately, God's community has an enemy and enemies, constantly seeking its destruction. There is evil in the world. People given to the enemy can be cruel. Ruthless. Unrelenting in their attacks. Sometimes a communities enemies are not outside forces, but internal ones. Community requires cooperation, rules, regulations and laws. These have to be enforced. Many of the world's laws are evil, established from a throne of iniquity. Only God's laws are good. As humans we are prone to err. Laws are not to be grievous, but to guide and direct. They're not to be partial, but fair and just, considering one and all. Neither favoring the rich nor the poor. Most country, city or town laws favor the rich. Not so in Jubilee Colony.


Different families coming together on a common purpose, for a settlement. The settlement grows to become a village, a village a town, then the town grows to be a city. Each have the basic infrastructures including housing, work opportunities in farming, businesses or industry. There are worship, education and essential utility centers including, water, gas and electricity. There has to be waste disposal, including trash and sewer. To establish these things, cooperation is required. Cooperation is the essential ingredient to any community. There is a mutual working together for the benefit of each other. There are actions. Participation. Each being involved. Tasks have to be planed and coordinated, all towards the community goals and purposes. We combine our efforts to produce positive effects for one another.

Cooperation requires agreement. We can't always agree, but we can exercise restraint and tolerance, through patience and understanding. Comm-unity. A coming together for unity. While we cannot all think alike, we exist for the common good of one another, respecting one another's individual rights. Common sense dictates we don't pursue anything that would endanger the life of another.

For us to agree, we have to receive one another kindly. We have to favor one another, at least to some degree. There has to be some goodwill towards one another. Coming together in agreement implies acceptance without major conflict. If we can receive one another kindly, favor one another, express goodwill towards one another, then we can work, praise and worship together.

For Jubilee Colony to progress and thrive, there has to be those who will agree to meet. The meeting together, establishes like mindedness. Planning together, we can begin to act. Planning involves recognizing our common tasks, goals and purposes; our available resources, and then implementing a strategy to accomplish our purposes. Understanding our common purposes, and committing to them, enables unity within the comm-unity. The most essential purpose is to honor God and one another.